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Fast flow





Guite fast flow






Medium flow

                                             10-19= Fast Flow

                                             20-29= Quite fast flow

                                             30-39= medium fast flow

                                             40-49= Weak flow


- Model number also tells fisherman, how fast flow "spoon" is working best 

- Chemically sharpened hooks and stainless steel rings on every model.




Runs wery softly. Same kind of spoon like #44 but ment to use faster flow.  Makes multible divings again and again..... On testing time This spoon was working great for salmons in Teno and Torniojoki.


This large spoon works fine from medium flow to quite fast flow. Front part shakes strongly but still runs softly. It mostly reminds like X-run on wobblers.  #30 was working on early summer at Torniojoki.



L 83 mm, LW30 mm, 12 g

L 83 mm, W 30 mm, 13 g

L 83 mm, W 32 mm, 13 g

#10 is delivered with hook size #2 but if you 're fishing on really fast flow, you should change  size #1 hook instead original. On test season this spoon has worked fine with both size of hooks.